journal jar

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Hi friends, how are you doing? It is currently 4:25am my time and I was contemplating not going through with writing this weeks post, but I thought about it and remembered the promise I made to myself last year about being consistent. So here I am, making sure that I do not disappoint myself. I hope your year started off on a very bright note, if not please be kind to yourself it is only week one. I have received a lot of heavy news this week (particularly yesterday) but none of it has managed to break my spirit. I am very determined to keep going with my positive mental attitude and I can’t wait to see the results over the coming months. For this weeks post I decided to write about something I thought was inspirational that would be beautiful to practice this year. It is called a journal jar.

Journal Jar.

I really loved this idea because it is a simple way to document your memories throughout the year without having to keep an actual notebook. I like this idea better than a notebook because I only have to write a short summary of how my week went at the end of each week. I wrote my first entry last night and it was just over a few lines long and when I was finished I neatly folded my note and put it in my jar. You can do it too if you have an old mason jar at home and any small piece of paper will do. If you don’t have a jar available you can improvise with a small box, or tin. I would also go as far to suggest writing a note each week in your phone if you don’t have any of the materials. I thinks it’s just a cute, simple way to keep memories, especially if you use colorful paper.

Final thoughts.

I truly hope your first week of 2019 was amazing. Remember not to be so hard on yourself if things are not looking so great, it is only week one. Before I leave I have a few questions for you? How was your first week of 2019? And are you willing to participate in ‘jar-journaling’ with me? Please feel free to share your answers in the comments, your thoughts are always welcome here! Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post.