how posting only once a week kept me on instagram


Hi friends! How are you doing? It has only been a few months since I discovered what  works for me on WordPress. Where I used to struggle with blog themes, creating content and engaging readers, it now feels like second nature to create and share on my own terms. But despite the progress I have made here, I have a new challenge I want to accomplish this year, organically grow my Instagram. I have scoured the internet for tips  that will help me find the perfect growth hack for my Instagram page, but alas I keep coming across the same information each time. The same advice keeps being said over and over again; like and comment on other posts, follow and unfollow, use relevant  hashtags etc. Although I appreciate everything I have seen and read, I just feel like none of it fits in with what I am trying to accomplish. I don’t want to follow random pages that don’t interest me just so that they can follow me back and I don’t want to like 100 pictures just to get more likes. I want to create, share, inspire and be inspired.

After digesting all this information and trying and testing it myself, I decided I was going to do what felt right to me. I want to post whenever I want, at whatever time I want and however many posts I want! Something that led me to this decision was a story I read that was shared by a photographer on Reddit. I decided to rewrite the story for you here and I asked the photographer for permission to repost his words. I will include the link to his Instagram account at the end of my post but in the meantime I hope this story inspires you to do what feels best for you on your Instagram creative journey.

“How posting only once a week has kept me on Instagram.

I started photography as a hobby a bit more than a year ago. Like many people, I

wanted thousands of Instagram followers. I spent days, weeks, months reading every

article about gaining followers and whatnot. It completely ruined my love for

photography. It felt like I was doing it for somebody else, and not because I loved it.

One of the things I see mentioned again and again is actively posting at least once a day. I

don’t do fashion or food photography, I cannot post once a day! Without sounding

arrogant, my photography takes a long time. It takes time to go on many locations, take

hundreds of pictures, pick the right one, and edit it in Lightroom. If I had to post once a

day, my quality would be shit.

So I decided to fuck all the advice and do my own thing, and posted when I felt like it.

Sometimes twice a week, sometimes twice a month. It made me love photography again.

I don’t do it for some numbers, I do it for myself.

Now what is the crazy part? I’m at almost 5000 followers within a year! I never thought

I’d be even at a 1000 when I started last year. But people love my feed, because of the

high quality pictures, and I regularly get reposted by other pages as well.

Today I love photography, because I don’t put unnecessary pressure on myself. I take

photos when I can, and I upload when I want. It’s made me love photography, cause it’s

not a burden, but rather a HOBBY, like it has always been for me!

With that said, some advice out there is solid, such as having a theme and coherent feed.

But in the end, I think the most important aspect to grow on Instagram and stay sane at

the same time is to love taking and sharing pictures for your own sake, not anybody

else’s. Anyway, just a small rant.”  

Instagram: @nathanaltai

This story inspired me to go with my own flow and not worry too much about numbers and other people. Surprisingly enough when I stopped worrying about the number of readers/comments on my blog in my earlier days, I began to see more engagement! And although I am trying to grow my account I will trust that over time with patience and consistency I will achieve the results I want. If this story has inspired you too please let me know in the comments? And if you have any tips about how to organically grow an Instagram account please feel free to share them with me and my readers, thank you in advance your thoughts are always welcome here! Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post.