Wild Flower

Jessica Banks uses a pen name, Wild flower. She resonates with the idea, that, much like a wild flower, she has risen through the dirt to become the woman she is today.  A lover of coffee, chocolate, and rum. A former poet by secret, recently unleashing herself to share her thoughts with the world. Still discovering who she is and openly writing about her faults and triumphs. She has been published in print and writes for several online publications. Unshackled by the key to herself, journey with her.

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Wild Flower Is An Australian Based Writer 

Moved by nature and constantly looking for ways to better herself and still be comfortable in her own skin. A firm believer in equality and human rights. A survivor of difficult times, who, still understands the concept of privilege and honours the diversity in everyone’s journey.

The Journey So Far

I started writing when I was very young. At the time I was living as a child in a very broken home that was subjected to severe alcoholism, violence, and all the struggles that follow from such a life.

Thankfully, this was only part of my childhood. We were fortunate to escape and start a better life in my early teens.

While those troubling years have long passed, much of my earlier writing stemmed from the need to express myself and let go of some of the trauma-related. I believe I have an inner strength and the capacity to see things from a different angle due to this experience. This is reflected in my work.

For most of my life, I kept my poetic side to myself. One day (in my twenties) I was brave enough to share some of my work with some friends, the response was positive and encouraging enough for me to eventually share via a writing platform (https://medium.com/@Wildflower11).

My first public piece was shared in May of 2016. I used the pen name Wild Flower to keep my identity private. That was five years ago now. Since publishing my first piece I have grown as a writer and now proudly attach my real name to my work.

Those first few years, bearing my soul to the public, was both challenging and rewarding. I now have a following of over 5000 via Medium.com. I have been published in print, anthologies, and actively write for several online publications.

I’m currently working on my first poetry book, titled “Watching the Sky Meet the Sea”.

Themes of my childhood are still reflected in my work; I consider it an important part of who I am today and believe in reaching into hearts through this craft. I write mainly poetics, and while I love and respect the poetry classics, I also enjoy the freedom in breaking the traditional rules with my unique, poetic voice. I have recently begun writing Fiction and look forward to branching out into other genres.

If my story has sparked your interest, journey with me.


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