2020 Vibes

Isolation Days 1

Her glass was filled with just enough Pinot Gris to imagine a world as vivid as she once viewed. The ocean ensued that warnings had arrived, the fires of yesterday were circumvented with the floods of now, and somehow, they would see it through. Yes, somehow this would change more than just a few. 

Isolation Days 2 

Be brave now, they said,
ride this wave and
sand will surely come.
Shadows of this night
will pass you by,
your strength will
help you run.

Don’t look back, they said, 
for there is nothing
for you to hold,
but kick up dust
and wipe it clean
do only as your told.

Follow the yellow brick road
until you reach a place, where,
your courage can be safely stored
in tomorrow’s bag
of worries.

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