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Hi friends, how are you doing? Today’s post is inspired by a short guide I read on The Minimalists website called, ‘Create your masterpiece: A 16 step guide.’ I will include the link at the end of my post so that you can read it too. I came into contact with this eye-opening guide through their story on Instagram and it basically stemmed from a question one of their followers asked about what to do next in life? This was a little over a while ago so I don’t necessarily remember the entire question word-for-word but what I do remember is that they provided the link to this 16 step guide as the answer. It was such a great read that I had it bookmarked and decided to write about it today.

Create something meaningful.

The ‘masterpiece’ being referred to in the guide is a creative project you have been meaning to work on or start. It could be a piece of art you’ve been wanting to create, a book you’ve always wanted to write, or a song you’ve always wanted to compose, the list is endless. Literally anything you feel is a meaningful creative endeavor is the starting point to your masterpiece. Some might be working on theirs already and others like myself are just now getting the inspiration we need to go for it. I believe this short guide will give you the nudge you need to start moving in the right direction. I know before I read it I was on the edge about how I would create my own meaningful project, but since then I’ve gotten the push I needed to start my journey.

My masterpiece.

I am not at all talented in music, poetry or art, but one thing I am very sure of is that I love to write, I love inspiration and I love creativity. It wasn’t very difficult for me to hone-in on something I consider my masterpiece. I’m only on page one and I’m hoping it is something I can share here, with you all, when I’m ready. I just started so there’s not much to talk about except that it’s dedicated to my readers who are newbie bloggers/creatives (or anyone aspiring to be). It’s something I wish I had before I made all my mistakes and wasted so much time, money and energy on, in the beginning of my creative journey. My masterpiece is for you.

Final thoughts.

To end my post, I promised to share the link to the guide and after you read it I would like to know a few things? Did it spark your ambition to create or start a meaningful project? What are you good at or what do you like to do creatively? Write? Photography? Paint? Sing? Read? Would you consider your hobby as the starting point to creating a masterpiece? Please feel free to share your answers in the comments, your thoughts are always welcome here! Thank you for reading and see you in my next post.

Create your masterpiece: A 16 step guide.


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  1. Hi I’m a printmaker in the background…I think this way when printing ..some prints I love…some are very hard to create…some I like but if they can’t hold my attention then they aren’t “it”and I start a new idea . I’ve gotten away from the idea masterpiece. With blogging I did it for a year with a piece of art connected to movies and coffee plus words..then I had three deaths and two major operations in my life and it got harder and harder to be creative and I stopped. Three months or so later one day I started again with my dad’s dictionary and his message (Blog# 1 A start Over ) I still don’t use the word masterpiece I think when this word is used it can be a freezes and stresses out people…each blog is different like my prints. some are more challenging , some are just fun.

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    1. Im very sorry for what you went through and I’m happy you managed to start blogging again. I think a nice alternative to the word masterpiece can also be the word project. It takes a lot of the pressure off. Thank you so much for sharing, I wish you well on your journey ❤️

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  2. These are some really good points stated with gusto! I knew about incremental steps and positive attitude, but cutting the crap and becoming obsessed also ring true. I’m dealing with a huge household issue right now and will apply these steps. Then, sometime in 2019, I’ll apply them to the novel and painting. One of my challenges is multiple interests, but this can still work! Best wishes!

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  3. Thanks for following my blog and giving me the opportunity to find yours. I tried to comment on one of your earlier posts on frequent posting, but i think you’ve closed the comments. Reading that post got me to thinking about my posting schedule. I recently set myself a writing schedule of writing a 500 word blog everyday. The goal came about after reading Stephen King’s On Writing. He wrote about the importance of writing every day so I thought I’d try it. What I didn’t consider was that blogging isn’t just writing. There’s a host of other things that come along with the words. Editing, making the page look beautiful, taking images, etc. Writing every day when it’s just about putting words on paper makes much more sense than the full process required to create the perfect post everyday. I’m on day 20 of my challenge and I’m tired. It’s tough. I love to write, but the pressure to create something wonderful is hard.

    I’m going to change my schedule once the challenge is done. I will write everyday, but not always for the blog. I think maybe twice a week might work for me. I love sharing my work, but perfecting it takes a lot of effort, so twice a week makes sense.

    Thanks for making me consider my approach!

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    1. Hello, your welcome and thank you very much for being here. Yes after 7 days the comments close on my posts. If it’s not on my home page then the chances are that comments are closed. And that does seem difficult I don’t think I could manage writing 1 blog post each day. It takes so much time for me to edit and proofread that it just wouldn’t be up to par if I even tried. Congratulations on reaching day 20 I’m sure you have learned a lot on your journey. Thank you for sharing ☺️❤️


    1. That’s wonderful! I’m glad you saw the value in it and I wish you well on your writing journey. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

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  4. Love this! Thanks for this post. I recently started my blog which was initially rather daunting but has been an incredibly humbling, creative expression of myself. Cheers to stepping outside of our creative comfort zones!

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    1. Yes hobbies are a great way to know which direction to head when considering to start a creative project. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts ❤️


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