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Hi friends, how is it going? Today I would like to share with you some not so hidden secret tools I use(d) to start and run my blog. When I first started blogging 2 years ago the only guides/sources I had to create the blog of my dreams was a bunch of google articles mostly talking about starting a self-hosted WordPress site (which I totally did and failed at, but that’s a story for another day). Fast forward 2 years later and here I am sharing what I’ve learned along the way. If you’re having trouble finding the right tools to create the vision of your perfect blog, please stay tuned I have a list that will help you;

Fiverr (

This website has been my saving grace because it has helped me with so many visions I had for my blog (past and present). I currently don’t have a personalized logo yet, but fiverr has so many options of freelance graphic designers that can totally make your vision come to life. You don’t even need to create something from scratch you can actually draw your inspiration (not copy) from something you’ve already seen before and liked. A good graphic designer will take that and personalize it to your own needs. Another huge benefit I got from fiverr was help with css and customizing my site just how I wanted it. There’s tons of legitimate WordPress experts who can help you customize your site how you want, assuming you have the premium or business plans because they allow you customize with css in the editor. And don’t be scared about pricing because rates start from as low as $5 to customize something as simple as fonts or width of your blog.

Unsplash (

Apart from the layout and theme of my blog the main thing I had trouble with in my early blogging days was the images and coming up with an aesthetic that I actually loved.  It is not as easy as finding a random image you like on google and using it on your blog (there are repercussions you know). I’m so grateful to have found this simple and unique tool for my images. You have full permission to download and use images you like and it’s toatlly free. I really like how simple and accessible it is to use. Also you can credit the photographers but it is not a requirement. I don’t always use unsplash for my images, when I don’t I use…

Vsco (

This is my all time favorite picture editing app! It has so many professional looking filters to choose from that can turn an ordinary drab picture into something fabulous. I love vsco because it makes it easier for you to decide on a theme to use for your images. I narrowed it down to white background and moody picture scenes. If you take your own pictures vsco is totally the app to use to give them a professional look and to find your own personal theme/aesthetic.

Pinterest (

I mainly use Pinterest when I need inspiration. I don’t always feel like writing because I feel like it needs to be something worth reading. I find that Pinterest is one of the best tools to look for ideas for blog topics and pretty much anything else. It’s like a search engine for creatives so to speak with tons of information about anything you might be interested in pursuing, i’ll name a few; cooking/food, beauty, makeup, gardening, diy, home decor, fashion, art, hairstyles, quotes, blog topics, financial advice, social media marketing etc the list is endless. If you feel stuck or need some inspiration, pinterest is the way to go.

Pic Collage (in the App Store)

Another trusty picture editing tool I use is pic collage. I mostly use it to curate my Instagram posts. I find it useful because you can incorporate so many things into your images like; stickers, borders, backgrounds (in different shapes and colors). You would honestly need to try it and if it doesn’t work for you I would also recommend design lab if your more focused into quotes and word posts (warning! If you opt to use design lab you have to pay and subscribe to them to use their app because yuh it’s just that amazing).

Final thoughts.

I feel like I’m still early on in my blogging journey and I’m still learning new things. I like to keep my tools simple and easy to use and so far these have worked marvelously for me. I frequently use all of them except for fiverr because I don’t need any more customizations to my site and I’m still thinking about how I would like my logo to look. In the meantime I would like to know if you have any tools you use on your blog? Do you mind sharing what they are and how they have helped you in your creative journey? Please feel free to share, your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. This is a very helpful post! I would like to recommend that you also try out Canva and Snapseed apps for your images. I’ve been using those 2 and liking them so far. Hope you’ll like it too!

    Thanks also for liking my recent post. It’s a boost to my newbie blogger self 😘

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    1. Aww your welcome lovely ❤️ and thank you I’ve never heard of canva, I will try it out too ☺️


  2. Some very good and useful information here. Thank you for this post. I’ve been blogging for a few years with mixed success. Lack of time was my challenge and retirement has been a great help. I’ve also found that dropping politics and social commentary has been a positive both for me and my readers.
    Also, I would like to thank you for following my blog. Comments on my posts are always welcome.


    1. Yay 😀 I’m happy for you and your blogging journey! And I’m glad you found the tips helpful.


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for this post, I have been blogging 7 weeks and some of those you mentioned are new to me. I think Canva ( is a good resource, especially for those with no budget as it has lots of free templates, you can create your own logos, infographics, social media templates, the list is endless.

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    1. Oh wow really? I’ve never heard of it! Thank you for sharing I will definitely have a look at it ❤️ and your welcome, I hope you find the right tools for your blog..

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