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Hi friends, how is it going? I have a question for you to start off this post, do you ever follow people on social media based on admiration/inspiration or is it out of pure obligation?

I found myself asking this question when I decided to declutter my social media. I wanted to only follow people who I genuinely enjoyed looking at their pictures and what they had to say. Because ultimately that is my goal for my social media, to have a place to share my creativity and to also have a place I can draw my inspiration from. It is nice to know that people enjoy what you post however it is even better to stick to your true self and also do the same for other pages you decide to follow. So I compiled a checklist of things to think about when I come across a page on Instagram to see if it is beneficial to my happiness and growth:

The checklist.

1. What do they post about? I like pages that post a lot of positive content, wether it be pictures or quotations. However, it would be very overwhelming to follow each and every one of those pages so I tend to narrow it down to a specific niche for example; self-improvement and minimalist pages (and even that can be narrowed down to a specific niche as well!).

2. How frequently do they post? Well as I was going through my follow list and deciding which pages I didn’t want to follow anymore I looked at how frequently they post content. I guess I never really thought about this in the beginning. I kind of just thought, “hey, this looks like a great page to follow, I’m going for it!” During the decluttering process I noticed a lot of them barely posted or even completely stopped for a few months! From now on I think I will stick to pages that post as frequently as 1 to 3 days between each post.

3. Does what they post line up with my values and beliefs? Sometimes all can be going well until one of your favorite pages reposts something really negative or disheartening. It’s not all the time maybe just a snippet every few weeks, but that is enough for me to reconsider my choice. I love pages that delight in spreading positive news and stories.

4. Do I feel inspired. This one question helped me to purge a lot of the pages I have followed in the past. I would like to feel inspired by the pages I follow because it helps me to be more creative which is the whole point of having my social media in the first place.

Final thoughts.

For now that is the end of my list. Do you practice any of the points I mentioned when considering to follow a page on social media? How do they make you feel? Can you add any more intentional actions a person can take to make their social media more of an inspirational haven? Please feel free to share, your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. Great post!! I’ve deleted all social media accounts, but prior to doing so went through almost exactly the same steps you’ve listed. On Facebook, for example, I dropped from 800 friends down to 80 who I loved (family, best friends) and admired (inspiring, positive), and I un-followed all brands. Within a week or two, the promoted brands no longer appealed to me and the status updates were so infrequent that I had no desire to log in. Within a month, I had messaged the few people I wanted to keep in touch with and permanently deleted my account. It was so freeing and liberating to let go of those “obligatory follows” and make decisions based on what served me…it gave me the space to explore on my own terms.
    Deleting social media may be seen as a bit extreme, but the exercise you’re proposing is a great way to curate your consumption and ensure that most everything you’re consuming matches your values and inspire you to better yourself.
    Fantastic article!! I would encourage everyone to give it a try. 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you ☺️ your response is very insightful and I actually am all for not having any social media. It’s just that I really love Pinterest and Instagram because they help to inspire me. And it’s all strictly for inspiration because I don’t follow friends or family on them either. But it really is liberating to only have a few people and pages that you totally agree with rather than following out of obligation. Thanks so much for sharing, I really loved reading your response!

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    1. Yes and the anxiety can lead to making unfair comparisons with curated images, which is why I only use it for inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate it.

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