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Slightly esoteric, mainly poetics. Journey with me…

Meet Wild Flower 

Jessica Banks (WF) currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. Having recently returned from a three-year journey across the globe.

She is a lover of coffee, chocolate, and rum. Excited by nature, adventures, and poetics.

Editor of “Where Wild Things Grow”

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Latest Work

A collection of my latest thoughts, updated for your viewing pleasure.

My Unfuckening

My Unfuckening

 It was in the ricochet of your aim, shrapnel repercussions forcibly deconstructed into disassociation. From myself, from you, for nothing more...

Latte Moments

Latte Moments

2020 Vibes Isolation Days 1Her glass was filled with just enough Pinot Gris to imagine a world as vivid as she once viewed. The ocean ensued that...

Spoken Word – Audio Poetry

Spoken Word – Audio Poetry

Some words beg to be heard  Audio Poetry  Isolation Reflections Please click here for audio Desolate are the places routinely known, comforts once...


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